The GSB Entrepreneurship Club is one of the oldest student-run entrepreneur's clubs in the nation. The current incarnation of the club has its roots in the late 1970s, when many of the individual student initiatives around small businesses and entrepreneurialism coalesced into a single student-lead club. In 1993, the e-club under the leadership of Ken Hawk sponsored the first E-Conference on Entrepreneurship, with 150 people attending the day-long event. The conference has since grown to be the largest annual conference dedicated to entrepreneurship in the world. Today the Entrepreneur Club is the most active student-run club within the GSB community. We have over 300 members and last year the club organized more than 50 events for over 1,100 attendants. The goal of the current GSB Entrepreneurship Club is to stimulate interest in entrepreneurialism among GSB students and other members of the Stanford community. We are passionate about building sustainable ventures and want to provide our members a lifelong learning & support platform to minimize risk and to maximize success in ventures. We want to promote entrepreneurial mind-set both as a founder or manager of a start-up as well as in the roles of an investor, advisor, or corporate partner. The borrower should calculate whether he can repay the loan in the next salary or have installment payments https://glaloans.com/payday-installment.html